The Blessed Sacrament Music Ministry


Music is central to the liturgical and cultural life at Blessed Sacrament, and adheres deeply to the Anglican tradition of honoring the high place of music.  The principal Mass of each Sunday is celebrated with full music, including chant or plainsong, processional hymns, Alleluias, and choral anthems appropriate to the day.  The pipe  organ is the principal keyboard instrument used in worship, but piano or harpsichord are occasionally used as well.  The liturgical year provides a great variety of feasts and celebrations, and its lectionary (four scripture readings each week) is repeated every three years.

Multiple vocal ensembles grace the worship life of the parish

  • The Bethlehem Choir – a volunteer SATB vocal ensemble composed of parishioners and guests.  At this time there are no paid soloists or section leaders, although such is being considered for the future.
  • Childrens’ Choir – comprises all the children and youth age three through junior high school.  They rehearse seasonally for specific events, such as Advent or Christmas pageants, Easter, etc.